Single-Serve Portable Espresso Maker with Tea Thermos Bottle | Mini Travel Coffee Maker And Mug | Manual Vacuum Flask with Removable Strainer | Durable Espresso Set For Camping and Traveling by Trimm

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Manufacturer Description

Caffeine To The Rescue!
Trimm Portable Espresso Maker minipresso - Single Cup Coffee Maker, Manual Espresso Machine with Tea Thermos - Perfect Set. Never go a morning without coffee, espresso, or lattes again. Whether you are at home, at the office, on vacation, experiencing a power shortage, or out in the wilderness, you can easily make freshly brewed coffee in minutes. Not requiring any batteries or electricity, all you need is hot water and the Trimm hand-press espresso maker kit. You can pump your way to fresh, delicious coffee in seconds.

No Messes
Our product makes it super easy for travel and clean-up. No more buying paper filters and cleaning big machines and coffee pots. No more buying Keurig cups and contributing to environmental waste. Our product is eco-friendly, easy to use, and leak proof. Throw our products in your purse, luggage, or car without worrying about getting coffee everywhere. You'll be so amazed at how much easier this high-quality portable cappuccino maker makes your life, you'll be wondering why you hadn't bought it sooner.

What You Receive With Your Purchase:
1 Portable, Manual Coffee Maker (holds ? cup of espresso or coffee)
1 Stainless Steel Thermos (holds 1 ½ cups of liquid)
2 Black Storage Bags with Cinch and the Trim Logo
1 Instruction Pamphlet
1 Beautiful Gift Box

Steeping Instructions For Tea and Fruit
Fill the Trimm thermos with hot or cold water. Place the removable strainer in the thermos and put tea or fruit in the strainer. Close lid tight and flip the tumbler upside down. Let sit for a few minutes to ensure optimal extraction of flavor. Flip back over, remove lid and strainer, and enjoy!

Makes For A Great Gift For The Holidays Or Special Occasions

Product Features

FRESH BREWED ESPRESSO IN SECONDS: If you're into coffee you know that instant or poorly brewed coffee just doesn't cut it. You want freshly ground freshly brewed coffee because nothing else is comparable. With our mini portable coffee maker, you can quickly and effortlessly brew your own cup of coffee without fussing with electronics, slow coffee machines, or long lines at the local coffee shop. All you need is our hand operated coffee machine and just a few minutes for great tasting coffee. COMPACT AND EASY TO TRAVEL WITH: Whether you are on a camping trip, hut trip, hiking the Appalachian Trail, or even in a fancy hotel, you'll want to bring our portable french press wherever you go. It's small, easy to assemble, and comes with a thermos to keep your coffee warm. The vacuum flask and coffee maker combo comes with a black cinch bag to contain your coffee parts and beans. Throw it in your luggage, backpack, or purse for quick access to tasty espresso, wherever you are. FUNCTIONAL FROM START TO FINISH: With no cords, electricity, or batteries needed to run this mini espresso machine, you can cut back on time and clean-up. Simply pour coffee grinds and hot water in the top of the personal coffee maker and manually pump the water through the device. You can either drink your espresso directly from the detachable cup or you can pour it in the matching coffee tumbler with lid to keep it hotter for longer. To clean, simply take apart a few pieces and hand wash. PERFECT FOR THE OUTDOORS OR POWER OUTAGES: If you're crazy about coffee, you understand that going without it is almost as frustrating as going without electricity or air conditioning. With this outdoor espresso maker and travel mug, fresh coffee is available to you no matter what the conditions are. This manual, single cup coffee maker is great during blizzards, hurricanes, or just random power outages when you really need that caffeine to get you through. MAKES TEA AND INFUSED WATER, TOO!: The stainless steel, thermos bottle for hot drinks not only keeps your coffee and other drinks warm for long periods of time, you can also steep tea with this travel coffee tumbler. The thermos comes with a removable strainer, so just add your loose leaf tea to it the top. Is it a hot day and you're not in the mood for something warm? No problem. You can place fruit in the infuser instead to add a touch of sweetness to water or ice tea.

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