Nuova Simonelli Musica Black Pour Over Espresso Coffe Machine & Macap Chrome Doser Grinder

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Product Features

About us: We, at Italian Bean Delight, strive to provide you with high end gourmet espresso beans, toasted in Italy from Danesi Caffe, Il Caffe Manaresi, and Caffe Diemme, as well as bulletproof High Perfomance espresso machines and grinders. All our espresso machines and grinders you will find sold by us, passed our own long term test to assure best quality. Our Company is member of the Better Bureau Business with the highest rating. The Espresso Machine Thermosyphon heat exchanger system (2 in 1 boiler). Copper boiler with an internal heating exchanger that allows you to produce coffee, steam and hot water without delay. 3 quart water tank. Vibration pump. You can program your favorite americano, ristretto or espresso sizes, and your Musica will automatically stop brewing when it is dispensed. The Musica features 1 cup, 2 cup, and continuous brew buttons - programmable: You can override the default settings for 1 cup and 2 cup and hot water. Length of extraction is programmed by time, not by volume. The Musica even allows you to lock out others from accidentally reprogramming these settings. The Nuova Simonelli Musica requires a precise grind setting and consistent volume of espresso coffee grind in your portafilter to extract one after the other shot in the desired quality. We recommend doserless on demand grinders with timers to get the right amount of espresso grind in your portafilter. Features: 2 quart Copper boiler with heat exchanger which allows you to brew coffee, steam milk, and pour hot piping water all at the same time. Body made out of stainless steel panels, plastic brakets and plastic rim with LED illumination Marine Brass grouphead chrome plated with portafilter 58mm diameter - hot water circulates from the heat exchanger through the grouphead and back to keep the grouphead and your portafilter nice and hot. Pressure gauge to indicate steam boiler pressure. Timer based programmable full automatic or semi-automatic operation of the extraction Timer based pre-infusion: When you start the extraction, your Musica will start the pump and stop for a second to pre-soak the coffee grind in your portafilter. Then it extracts the pre-soaked espresso coffee puck. 3 quart water tank Multi-directional steam wand and hot water wand allow for more flexibility. Commercial Simonelli steam wand you switch it on and off be moving it up and down: It gives instant on/off operation as opposed to knobs that you must turn clockwise/counter clockwise. Powerful vibratory pump rated at 15 bar please note that only 11 bar is needed for the extraction. Three way solenoid valve allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction. Passive cup warmer on the top Accessories - single spout portafilter, double spout portafilter, 1-cup filter basket, 2-cup filter basket, blind filter basket, plastic tamper, plastic scoop, and instruction manual. Specifications: Measurements: 17" H x 13" W x 16" D Weight: pounds 45 pounds Power: 1200 watts, 110 volts only, 50/60 hertz. Boiler capacity: 2 quarts Water tank capacity: 3 quarts The Grinder Overview: This espresso only, doserless grinder is fantastic for home or small office use. This M2 grinder which has a user controlled on/off switch. The powerful 150 watt motor is more than plenty for the home environment. The steps on the adjustment wheel allow the user to get back to certain settings without the fuss that is found on stepless grinders. Features: Stepped grinding regulation. Height-adjustable filter holder. One programmable dose. Specifications: Measurements: 15.1" H x 6" W x 9.9" D (38.2 cm H x 15.2" W x 25 cm D). Height from counter top to bottom of chute: 5" (12.7 cm). Net weight: 10.4 pounds (4.7 kilograms). Power: 150 watts, 110 volts, 60 hertz. Flat grinding blade diameter: 50mm. Coffee beans hopper capacity: 0.55 pounds (250 grams). Made in Venice, Italy. What comes in the boxes? 1 x Espresso Machine brand new 1 x Grinder Doser Stepped 1 x Hand book with hotline phone numbers U.S. and international 1 x Spare part brewing group gasket 1 x Portafilter with basket for 1-shot extraction 1 x Portafilter with basket for 2-shot extraction 1 x blind basket for flushing the brewing group 1 x Aluminum tamper 1 x Milk thermometer 1 x Pitcher 20oz Latte Art 2 x Espresso cup and saucer 1 x 1.1 lbs Il Caffe Manaresi Gold espresso beans ground for the Musica 1 x Water total hardness test stripes to assess the water quality (needs to have less than 50ppm calcium, see also installation sheet) 1 x Authorized Nuova Simonelli Dealer warranty on the machine (2 years parts, 1 year labor) 1 x 1.1 lbs Il Caffe Manaresi espresso beans 1 x Lifetime telephone support 800 746 6174 for setting up the machine and grinder, maintaining the machine, how to extract the shot and make a perfect latte and all other questions coming up over the years (support valid for you as long as you own the espresso machine and grinder)

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