Chinese Medicine Grinder | Magic Ready in Few Minutes Herb Grinder| Large Scale 250g S1 Electric Spice and Nut Grinder | 110V USA /220V | Grain Pulverizer | Seed Mill | CE Certification

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Manufacturer Description

Easy To Operate

The Open Kitchen Chinese medicine grinder comes with a guide written in English, easy to follow and understand in order to operate your grinding mill properly, without putting its integrity at risk.

Low Noise - No Dust

Our grinder machine does produce noise, but its state of the art design, keeps it to a minimum level that is not annoying. No dust or powder will escape as long as you follow the grinding and operating instructions.

Powerful And Reliable

This grain mill has strong blades that rotate at high power speed, ensuring that the result you get is in concordance with high standards that extend further than plain kitchen use, making it the perfect solution for professionals.

A Useful Kitchen Tool

A grinding mill that enables you to perform various kitchen and cooking tasks, ones that can both help you lead a healthier diet and enhance the flavour of your dishes. A powerful grinder machine you can use to crush seeds, spices, herbs, nuts, grain, whatever you may possibly imagine, as its strong blades will turn everything into fine powder.

Professional Grinding

Being so reliable and dependable, makes this electric mill ideal for restaurants or pizzerias (which like to make their own flour), pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and clinics (where fine herbal powder can be used for medicine, or scientific and medical purposes). Beauty and hair salons and spas can also benefit from this medicine grinder in order to make powder for face, body or hair masks out of fresh ingredients.

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Product Features

EVEN GRINDING INTO SUPERFINE POWDER: The Open Kitchen large scale food pulverizer will perform even grinding and turn your grain into fine, soft powder, making it ideal for people who want to make their own flour out of wheat, rice, corn, etc. A powerful electric grinder machine for crushing herbs, seeds and spices as well, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, walnut, almond, hazelnut, ginseng root, etc. A useful grinding tool not only for the kitchen but also for lots of other uses. STATE OF THE ART QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our Chinese herb medicine grinding machine is made of stainless steel, a solid proof of its anti-rust properties. Upgraded to the latest grinding tech, this herb mill and pulverizer is equipped with advanced functions and abilities that guarantee to deliver you the finest result, making this food and spice grinder ideal even for professional use. DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL IN ENGLISH: You will receive our Chinese herb grinder accompanied by a fully detailed instructions manual written in English, so that you can set it up and operate it without worrying that you did something wrong that may result in damaging your grind mill. Everything there is to know about this electric grinding machine is included in our package. We custom make every grinder for worldwide customers. MANY UNIQUE BONUSES & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We here at Open Kitchen have our customers' satisfaction as our top priority! Along with the best stainless steel herb grinder, you will get extra parts which will allow you to save time and money. Should you have any issues with our medicine grinder, feel free to send us a message and get your money back! SUITABLE FOR A WIDE RANGE OF USES: The Open Kitchen powder grinder machine, apart from making dry food (e.g. flour) and herbal or spice powder (e.g. pepper, salt, even coffee), therefore making it a practical kitchen tool, it can be used in professional environments too. Pharmacies, laboratories, beauty salons, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, alternative medicine practitioners, wherever freshly ground fine powder is needed. You should be able to receive this grinder within 7 - 15 business days.

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