Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum 32-Ounce Coffeemaker Kit

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Manufacturer Description

Take the Santos Stovetop Vacuum Brewer to the next level with the Santos kit. The Santos kit includes the coffemaker, stand, burner and other accessories. All you need to add is the burner fuel, coffee and water and you are ready to impress friends and family with your very own coffee lab. The Santos is easy to use. Just fill the lower globe with water then set the upper globe in place and add the coffee. Once you have set it up , place the santos on the heat source and enjoy the process. As the water heats, steam is created in the lower globe. The pressure causes the water to rise up the tube and mix with the coffee at just the right temperature. Since this is a manual version, you can control the contact time between the coffee and water based on how long you leave the brewer on the heat source. Once the coffee has brewed for the appropriate time, remove the pot from the heat source, causing a vacuum to be created that draws the brewed coffee back down to the lower globe, while filtering the grounds. The Santos can be used on the included burner or on the stovetop. Recognized as one of the best ways to brew coffee, the Santos will help you extract the most flavor from favorite roast.

Bodum’s Santos coffeemaker evolved from founder Peter Bodum’s relentless attempts to replicate and improve upon a French vacuum coffeemaker he had acquired in the 1950s. The resulting Santos converted many followers to the vacuum brewing method and this coffeemaker became highly popular in most Scandinavian households through the ‘70s. This kit looks like a chemistry set when first unpacked and is just as fascinating to watch as an experiment on the Bunsen burner. To start brewing coffee, fill the Santos’s bottom heat-resistant glass jug with up to 8 cups of water and set it on either a gas, electric, or methylated spirits stove. While the water heats, secure the filter within the glass funnel, fill the funnel with coffee grounds, and set the funnel over the jug. When the water boils, the excitement really starts. The water rises from the jug up through the funnel and mixes with the ground coffee. Once you remove the jug from the stove, the brewed coffee drains back down into the lower jug for serving, leaving all grounds and sediment behind. This coffeemaker is rated one of the best by PBS’s America’s Test Kitchen in terms of its ability to brew for exactly long enough to extract excellent taste and aroma from grounds. The only caveat is that this coffeemaker is quite delicate and may not survive in a house with rambunctious children or pets who roam or surf the countertops. This coffeemaker brews up to 32 ounces or 8 cups of coffee and comes with the following components: a lower glass jug, a glass funnel with cover, a funnel stand, a burner with a holder for a heat source, a cleaning brush, a stirrer, and a 1 tablespoon coffee scoop. --Cristina Vaamonde

Product Features

Vacuum-brewing coffee produces excellent taste and aroma Brews 32 ounces or 8 cups Comes with jug, funnel, and burner Heat-resistant glass with nylon accessories Includes cleaning brush, stirrer, coffee scoop

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